Episode 1: Welcome To The She-Suite Community Podcast


I’m so excited to finally launch The She-Suite Community Podcast, and kick-off the journey of growing our community… connecting with listeners and guests… and inspiring YOU to build your own personal brands. 

If you’re tuning in and wondering what this podcast is going to be all about, and what I hope to give you throughout this podcast, then listen on. We are going to dig into how to brand your way to an unmistakable place, that defines your value, and allows you to leave a legacy. 

Everything that I’m about is giving, and elevating experiences. My intent is that this content will stick, and remain applicable – I would love to hear feedback from you along the way! 

  • 4:10: The purpose of this podcast.
  • 9:27: The why behind leaving my corporate career.
  • 12:50: When you know that there’s more… it’s time for you to finally go after that ‘one thing’.
  • 14:46: All about me, and the companies that I run.
  • 20:18: Why I’m a huge advocate of wellness and self-care, and how I pursue this. 
  • 26:00: My ultimate goal for Season 1 of The She-Suite Community Podcast

If we do this season right, we will be able to help and encourage every single listener to become clear on their ‘why’, as well as the path forward. 

It’s truly an honor to be with you, and I hope you’ll continue to join me on a biweekly basis as we dig into season 1. 

If we don't find a way to break out of the label, and create our own life story and legacy, we will leave this earth empty, and without fulfilling our purpose.

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Melissa Dawn Simkins Coined “The First Lady of Personal Branding”, Melissa is the CEO of Velvet Suite, a trusted advisor to Fortune 100s, C-Suite executives and influencers, highly-sought after keynote speaker on leadership innovation, a contributor to Inc.com and a frequent guest on news and business media, including CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Essence, Black Enterprise and more.

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