The Power of the Turnaround: On Stepping Back & Changing Course

Episode 12 | Turnaround with Lisa Gable

Lisa Gable’s career journey began when she was 19 years old, as a political appointee during the Reagan Administration. Fast forward to current-day, and she’s now an author, mom, wife, and the CEO of FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education. 

A triple strength leader with private, public and social sector experience, Lisa has a wide breadth of knowledge around how to change course, and make something new work. She offers tips and insights on how she has navigated the concept across her own life and career… leading her to author her brand new book, Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South.

  • 3:30: How Lisa’s career journey started 
  • 5:30: How Lisa learned to silence her inner critic and overcome imposter thoughts
  • 9:10: Her secret sauce of her personal brand (her two adjectives) 
  • 13:20: How you can apply the ‘turnaround’ process to your personal life
  • 16:00: How Lisa takes time to step back, and resets 
  • 18:55: Lisa’s favorite indulgences
  • 21:20: Some important insights from her own career journey 
  • 25:40: Lisa’s career transition into the CEO of FARE 
  • 33:20: More on Lisa’s brand new book, Turnaround 
turnaround Lisa Gable

For more than 30 years, Lisa Gable has been called to turnaround failing organizations—businesses, teams, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government projects—and solve seemingly intractable problems. From Silicon Valley to Washington DC, she’s seen it all. Over time, she’s learned the key to course-correct when things go South is applying the discipline of process engineering—carefully reevaluating everything your organization does and how it does it—with diplomacy and humanity, taking care of relationships, and forging strong partnerships.

Learn more about Lisa’s new book here

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