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The Reset #8

What are your pillars of self value?   Self-care is a term that we hear often, and seems to be discussed more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. In fact, 67% of Americans claim that they developed self-care routines that have lasted post-pandemic. If you know me, I tend to think about things from a different point of view. In this case, I would challenge that self-care can only be as real as the value we place on what matters in our lives. What we place a premium on will always have our attention. When we value our jobs,

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The Reset #7

Fall back (into better sleep habits)   This past week, I had more solid sleep over the course of 72 hours than I’ve probably had in the past seven months. I caught a bug that put me completely on my back. My body was down for the count, and so I took time to do nothing but rest and sleep. It’s no secret that sleep is the fastest way to recover, and help your body to reset. The benefits of getting enough sleep (7+ hours/night) range from reduced stress, lower risk of health problems, staying at a healthier weight, and

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The Reset #6

It’s time to slow down…   Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful week, and are ready to take some time for yourself this morning, to reset. I recently shot you a quick video to watch, sharing my thoughts on the value of taking time to pause, pull back, and recenter. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, we could all use this simple reminder. You can watch more below. You’ve got this!     Blended families & balancing it all. Parenting in itself, is quite the undertaking. Raising little humans is nothing to take lightly, and offers its own levels

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The Reset #5

Blend vs. Balance   When I think about the time that I take to reset, I find myself stepping back to look at the past week from a bird’s eye view. What worked, and what didn’t? What did I struggle with? How am I managing everything on my plate? Are the various areas of my life balanced… or even better, blended? There’s been a shift from the term work-life balance, to work-life blend. The argument being that balance infers that work and life shouldn’t intersect. Instead, a work-life blend sets us up so that we don’t necessarily need to have

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The Reset #4

Your Weekly Reset | Reflecting on the past 18 months 📅   Do you remember where you were in March of 2020? I had so much hope for what would be our largest to date, 2020 She-Suite Summit. I recall hearing about this "COVID thing"… but didn’t really pay it much attention. Yet, on March 11th COVID was officially named a global pandemic. Our in-person She-Suite Summit was scheduled for Friday, March 13th. Suddenly, everything I had planned came to a screeching halt. Can you recall a time in your life when you realized that what was, would never be? I

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