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Welcome to our very first edition of The Reset, powered by The She-Suite®. I am so honored and excited that you’re here, and choosing to spend your Sunday morning with us.

Before diving in, can you take a few minutes to watch the welcome video below? I created it to give you a little bit more context around my hope and vision for this newsletter, and what to expect moving forward.

Our She-Suite team is so grateful for this community, and are truly looking forward to growing The Reset with you!


Melissa Dawn Simkins

CEO, Velvet Suite


On Finding Clarity

Listen in as this week's guest Yuri Brown-Cruzat talks through how to strive for living an authentic life, connecting the dots between both the personal, and the professional – and juggling family in the midst of it all.


Ready to Reset?

A question that I often hear: “How do I create the highest value for all of the time and energy that I’ve put into my career, and building my personal craft?” I can confidently say that one of the keys is to master the art of the reset, and resetting your brand.


Lessons on Resiliency

In retrospect, it was that fear, and having to walk through it that grew me to become a much more resilient person. In that moment, I learned how to be present, and how to focus. How to get my mind back to that mentality of, “I can do this.”


   to Win Your Week

  • Be clear about goals — A common hindrance to productivity is a lack of clarity and alignment. 
  • Take 10 minutes to sit down, and plan your week in detail.
  • Choose one task, and stay focused - Focusing on one thing [at a time] is faster, leads to better quality work.

Featuring impactful females who have an inspiring story to tell about the other side of life.

This past summer, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin took a four-week long holiday. Imagine that: the leader of your country, stepping back for four weeks! Marin is known for advocating equality and fairness. We need to change the world to improve people’s wellbeing and happiness,” she said in an interview.

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