What are your pillars of self value?


Self-care is a term that we hear often, and seems to be discussed more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. In fact, 67% of Americans claim that they developed self-care routines that have lasted post-pandemic.

If you know me, I tend to think about things from a different point of view. In this case, I would challenge that self-care can only be as real as the value we place on what matters in our lives. What we place a premium on will always have our attention. When we value our jobs, we don’t have to worry about caring for our work, we do what it takes and then some.

When we don’t put a value on our lives, our health, our spiritual growth or interpersonal relationships, it's no wonder when they fail us. What we need is more than single moments of self-care; we need to reclaim our values and recommit to them daily. At the end of the day, if we aren’t able to see and appreciate our unique self value, then self-care practices are in vain. You can read more about self-care versus self value in a new article that we recently published.

This morning, take a minute to jot down the pillars of your self value. For example, below are mine:
  • God
  • Time 
  • Relationships 
  • Mental Health 
  • Physical Health 
  • Finances/Investments 
Once you’ve written them down, reflect on how you're nurturing each of those pillars on a consistent basis. This will help you develop a more holistic approach beyond self-care; beyond just the skin care regimens. This is where we shift from activities, to actively investing in what we value. Like all things, it’s a process. 

You've got this!



And the winner of last week's poll for favorite morning beverage is... (Drumroll, please)... warm coffee, with 72% of the votes! 

Thanks for playing along, we'll have a new poll for you coming next week. 



Self-care versus Self Value

You protect what you value. Much of what is happening in our daily lives can result in a lack of value and appreciation for ourselves. As women we tend to be pleasers; we often want to accommodate and prove our value so others will recognize it. This ultimately leads to over-commitment and overwhelm...


Handling the hard times

When I find myself in hard times, I repeat this phrase to myself, “It did not come to stay, it came to pass.” It’s a phrase that my father has always said to me, and is one worth repeating to yourself.


to Win Your Week

When shifting your mindset to evaluate and improve your self value, try identifying the positives about yourself. Take five minutes to list out things you’re good at, value that you add to others lives, and areas that you excel in. Keep that list on your desk, or somewhere that you'll frequently see it. Positive internal dialogue is not only healthy, but it also will help to boost your self-esteem in the long run, and helps to reroute your self-talk to be more consistently positive. 


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