Fall back (into better sleep habits)


This past week, I had more solid sleep over the course of 72 hours than I’ve probably had in the past seven months. I caught a bug that put me completely on my back. My body was down for the count, and so I took time to do nothing but rest and sleep.

It's no secret that sleep is the fastest way to recover, and help your body to reset. The benefits of getting enough sleep (7+ hours/night) range from reduced stress, lower risk of health problems, staying at a healthier weight, and added clarity.

Because of this, in my most recent 90-day plan, I committed to getting at least two more hours of sleep each night. I’m getting better, and learning how to appreciate sleep in a new way. I set the atmosphere with music, lighting, and scents like pillow sprays and fresh sheets from the dyer. We invested in better pillows and even a new mattress, because my husband and I started to put a premium on our sleep. It has made all the difference in the world.

What are some of the ways that you invest in your sleep? If you currently don't, I encourage you to use this end of Daylight Savings Time - when our days get shorter, and nights longer - to analyze ways that you might be able to improve your sleep hygiene. It's just another way you can give back to yourself, and reset.

You've got this!



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Struggling with self-doubt?

If you’ve been second guessing yourself most of your life... you may not even realize you’re doing it. Let’s dig into four simple ways to coach yourself, and overcome self-doubt.


Practice being present. 

While to-do lists and work calendars can feel overwhelming, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the greatest, most simple gifts that you can give to yourself on a weekly basis: the ability to be present.


to Win Your Week

In the spirit of our clocks falling back here in the U.S., let's talk about sleep hygiene. A few simple ways that you can improve your sleep is to make sure your bedroom is optimized for sleep. Ensure that the temperature is cool, and the room is dark and quiet. If your living space is noisy or you have roommates, try out a white noise machine, or earplugs. Blackout shades are a great way to keep any light from creeping in. Try out a diffuser with calming essential oils such as lavender to help your body wind down, and do your best to keep screen time to a minimum leading up to bedtime. 


Featuring impactful females who have an inspiring story to tell about the other side of life. 


What's your social legacy? 

In Emily Chang's book, The Spare Room, she shares how her job brought her and her family to eight different homes across the U.S. and China. All the while, she found that living her social legacy was rooted in offering young people a spare room in her home - 16 people in total. Emily found that living her social legacy through this practice not only enriched her family's home, but enabled her to become a more authentic, relatable leader in the workplace. She's also integrated work and life as she introduces her spare room kids to her colleagues, encouraging her team to invest in their own social legacies. 


  • If you're looking for some more sleep-enhancement ideas... try out blue light glasses! According to The Sleep Foundation, light is the most important factor in aligning circadian rhythms. When we stare at screens before bed, we’re exposed to blue light, which tricks our brains into thinking it’s still daytime and disrupts our circadian rhythm. Blue light glasses can help mitigate these effects. Read more on the best blue light blocking glasses here. (NBC News) 
  • On the market for new pillows? Let The Sleep Foundation do the work for you. This article covers the best pillows of 2021 - from firm to soft, and all different size options. Treat your head and neck with something special this winter. 

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