Blend vs. Balance


When I think about the time that I take to reset, I find myself stepping back to look at the past week from a bird’s eye view.

What worked, and what didn’t? What did I struggle with? How am I managing everything on my plate? Are the various areas of my life balanced… or even better, blended?

There's been a shift from the term work-life balance, to work-life blend. The argument being that balance infers that work and life shouldn’t intersect. Instead, a work-life blend sets us up so that we don’t necessarily need to have set time, energy, or focus for just one aspect of life.

Personally, work-life blend means finding ways to step into my roles in work and life holistically. This means I’m making a conscious decision to be present in whatever area matters most in the moment. This past week had two days of travel, meaning more time than normal away from my family. One way that I reset after the fact is to make room in my work days that follow my travel, to allow more flexibility for family time and to reconnect. I’ve even adopted a habit of leaving my home clean before I travel so when I return, I can focus on rest and reconnecting versus laundry. It will be my ‘reset’ following a quick work trip.

How does your reset time work into your own work-life blend? Are you finding that time each week to step back and reflect, relax, or observe? This week, I challenge you to reflect on how you can be more present. Give yourself permission to blend life, and live fully; even if it might feel messy in the moment.

You've got this!



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to Win Your Week

Looking for a way to stay on track with your goals… or a quick and easy way to reflect back on your busy life? Try keeping a journal, or scrapbook. It can help you keep all of your goals or life events in one place, and is a great way to take some time to reflect and reset, while getting a little bit creative. What have you accomplished… and what do you still want to accomplish? What was a win this week? Instead of keeping it all up in your head, get it down on paper!

Featuring impactful females who have an inspiring story to tell about the other side of life.

In the summer of 2020, cities across the country suddenly had to cut their Youth Jobs programs due to the pandemic. Teens & young adults ranging in ages 14-24 suddenly had few ways to find job programs. Mitali Chakraborty saw the lack of a central place for these millions of young people to find jobs, and decided to change that. For the past year, she has been standing up Youth Jobs Connect (YJC) - a tech nonprofit that will connect young people with more job opportunities, as well as tools to set them up for future employment success. Currently YJC is fundraising and plans to have a version of the platform live in select cities by the end of this year. The long-term goal? Make a dent in the 10.2 million youth left jobless due to the Pandemic.



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