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Happy October! With fall officially in the air, we are entering the final quarter of 2021. Can you believe it?

On that note, I want to share an audio note that I recorded (click on the picture below), to share how I personally take action to reset for the next 90 days – the last months of 2021.

I am a strong believer in the power of setting ourselves up in 90-day rhythms, and goal setting. But quite honestly, plans will not flow as smoothly if you don't intentionally and forcefully pause, and take that time to reset yourself.

How will you find time this week, to step away and be still, and get clear on what matters?

My friends, 2022 will be here in a blink of an eye. Let's head into this final quarter strong. You can click here to listen to my thoughts, or on the image below to listen.

Believing in you,


Melissa Dawn Simkins

CEO, Velvet Suite

Click on the image to listen to the audio note!


No Is A Complete Sentence.

More of us are working from home or virtually, than ever before. The concept of time management, and protecting our schedules may seem incredibly challenging. Challenging... yet not impossible, if you actively focus on setting boundaries.

Happy 15th Birthday! 

The She-Suite's parent company, Velvet Suite, is turning 15 this month! It's been an honor and a privilege to grow under the Velvet Suite brand, and see how our work has reached and grown an incredible community - all of YOU! To celebrate, we want to give you our brand new Perfect Day Planner, to help you better prioritize and organize your time. It's just another another step towards resetting, and maximizing your busy schedule. Don’t worry…we will be celebrating all month! Enjoy!


to Win Your Week

In the spirit of a brand new month and quarter, make time this week to organize your calendar, and prioritize what needs to be done. If you need help, feel free to grab our Perfect Day Planner here

Schedule appointments with yourself, just like you would schedule meetings with other people. Whether it's to get deep work done, cook dinner, or go out of a quick run... adding it to your calendar and guarding that time will set you up for success. Now, take action, and head to your calendar or planner. Block out one or two appointments with yourself this week, and let us know how it goes!

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    • Looking for a new read to kick off your month? Check out Essentialism, by Greg KcKeown. It's considered "A timely, essential read for anyone who feels overcommitted, overloaded, or overworked.”


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