Episode 10 | The Power Of Choice: On Stepping Back & Recreating Your Life

Episode 10: The Power Of Choice: On Stepping Back & Recreating Your Life

Happy 2021! To kick off this brand new year, I’m excited to share an episode with someone who I happened to meet through the internet. A few months ago, I happen to stumble upon Lucy Puttergill’s article on why she left her successful job in finance, and what her plans were moving forward.

Her words of honesty and transparency struck me, I was instantly moved, and I knew she would be a great guest who so many of our listeners can relate too, on various levels. Listen in as Lucy joins me from London, England, to share more about her ‘why’, the choices she has recently made, and what she plans to do with her life moving forward.

– 4:10: Lucy’s story and background growing up.

– 6:30: The ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and how it shaped Lucy’s decisions.

– 11:30: The unintended consequences of people pleasing.

– 13:35: What led Lucy to step back, and ask herself the hard questions.

– 18:02: The untalked about coping mechanism of succeeding.

– 20:25: Lucy’s progression to deciding to leave her job.

– 25:10: Advice for seeking clarity within your life and potential changes.

– 29:10: Where Lucy is now after leaving her job, and giving herself space.

– 34:30: Options to transform your life, even if you can’t leave your job.

Since leaving her career, Lucy has spent time exploring herself, writing, meeting others on the same path as her, and learning about new topics that she’s passionate about. To read more of her thoughts, you can follow her on Medium


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