The She-Suite Magazine: Elizabeth Adefioye

Elizabeth Adefioye is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Emerson. When asked what she wants this article to say about her and her accomplishments, she humbly stated, ““We did it together!” That headline encompasses for me the essence of great leadership—it brings people together to accomplish what none of us can do alone.” As a … Read more

The She-Suite Magazine: April Ervin

April Ervin is the Managing Partner and “Chief Peace Officer” of Sustainable Leadership, LLC. As a consultant tasked with the crucial role of battling burnout, instilling peace, and encouraging resilience, Ervin understands all too well how important self-acceptance, communication, and drive are for success and empowerment as a company or a leader.  As Ervin states, … Read more

The She-Suite Magazine: Anja Kahn

Anja Kahn

Anya Kahn is the CEO of White Gold LLC and a chairperson on the board for ELLE UK Group. As she and her team explained when chatting with The She-Suite, connecting with people is top priority, and her personal identity and name pronunciation hold a special level of significance for her and her sense of … Read more

The She-Suite Magazine: Monica Hammond

Monica Hammond is the Vice President of Tech and Specialty Support for Verizon Consumer Group. She specializes in customer experience (CX) and creating a sense of organization and intuitiveness for consumers and her team.  Hammond has won awards from the National Association of Female Executives for her work as a community champion and was the … Read more

The She-Suite Magazine: Wendy John

  Wendy John is the head of global diversity and inclusion for Fidelity Investments, where she oversees the enterprise-wide strategy to make Fidelity a more diverse and inclusive workplace. In this capacity, she taps into the power of individual differences to develop and retain talent, create a culture of inclusion, and showcase Fidelity’s reputation and … Read more

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