Resetting The Standard: Leah Fair

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight As a track star, Leah Fair was one of the fastest athletes in the nation and had high hopes of becoming an Olympic competitor. But when injury struck, she had to improvise or lose her chance at being an Olympian. Her secret to adapting to life’s curveballs? Keeping an open mind. … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Emily Chang

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight  Emily Chang is no stranger to creating a social legacy and aligning calling with community. Her book, The Spare Room, has helped women professionals create room for their purpose amongst their careers and responsibilities. “The Spare Room is a euphemism … it stands for what I believe everyone is uniquely positioned … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Tunde Oyeneyin

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight  On the bike, Tunde Oyeneyin is an unstoppable force of motivation, energy, and charisma — blasting music, dancing to the beat of her own drum, and daring to be herself while leading with empathy. But it’s what she does off the bike that has defined her lifestyle-focused influence and inspired thousands … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Emily Dickens

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight  Emily Dickens, SHRM’s Corporate Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Head of Government Affairs, embodies professionalism and drive in the workforce and beyond. When she isn’t creating valuable connections for herself and her company, Dickens is an advocate for higher education and education equity.  Today, she’s focused on supporting better workplaces for … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Antonia Hock

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight As the Global head of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Antonia Hock believes women have always been powerhouses when it comes to their individual career journeys, but is overjoyed to see more and more women exploring the reaches of their potential at work and in life. Hock’s career is centered around creating … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Sherrie Beckstead

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight  When asked what work and career means to her, woman executive, philanthropist, and leader Sherrie Beckstead replied, “I view both [work and career] through a lens that sets a standard; to demonstrate excellence and humility in all. Charitable work, philanthropy, corporate leadership, restoring historic structures, designing new pieces with my team … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Lisa LeCointe-Cephas

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight Lisa LeCointe-Cephas, SVP and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Merck, has always embraced the concept of inspiration, understanding how essential it is to personal success. “While I admire many women in the public sphere, to truly be inspired by someone .. you need to see them at their highs and … Read more

Resetting The Standard: Edwige Robinson

The She-Suite Magazine Highlight Edwige Robinson is the Senior Vice President for T-Mobile, referring to herself as a STEM warrior as she builds a more diverse and inclusive tech world. While her introduction to the tech world was admittedly a matter of making money while going to school in the United States as an African … Read more

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