Stand Up for Your Passion

Lisa Haynes

I grew up in the inner city of Boston, Massachusetts and spent my primary education as part of a voluntary bussing program attending predominantly white schools through high school. I graduated one of nine black students in a class of 160. I was often the “only” in my classrooms, but I went home every day … Read more

Finding Your Equilibrium

I’m guessing many of us read articles about work-life balance, which suggests we are happiest when we keep the demands of work and life equal to be effective at both. But losing your equilibrium is much more damaging. Personal equilibrium is when we can keep all opposing forces in our lives in balance, or we … Read more

The Power to S.P.E.A.K. like a Leader

wendy short bartie

I began my professional journey as a public defender in Washington, DC – I wanted to take a leadership role to help people, especially those who did not have the resources to help themselves.  As I began to experience burn out from my job, I made the pivot to work in the pharmaceutical industry, where … Read more

Stepping Into My Passion

In 2020, I found myself at a crossroads in my career. As a communications professional for more than 20 years, the majority of my experience was in this field, with the exception of the past few years when I led projects that focused on the employee experience. I was unsure where I wanted my career … Read more

On Finding Your “Why”

The Brand Leadership Institute transformed the way that I see myself as a person, and as a leader. It provided me with opportunities to focus on my brand and be to accountable in action, which led to tremendous growth. In addition to my MVP and 90-day plan some of my most meaningful takeaways were the … Read more

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