Declutter Your Communications: On Being Socially Present (With Jeanine Turner)

Declutter Your Communications: On Being Socially Present

Now more than ever, being socially present is a challenge for all of us. Which is why Jeanine W. Turner, Ph. D. joins us as a guest on Episode 8, to discuss her knowledge and research on communications, presence, and why it’s more than just ‘putting your phone away.’

From the evolution of communication, what multitasking truly means, to the framework that you can follow to be more socially present within your own life… this episode is rich with insight and wisdom, be sure to tune in! 

Jeanine Turner being present
  • 4:02: How Jeanine first became interested in social presence
  • 6:55: What research says about multitasking
  • 10:15: How Jeanine has seen the role of communication evolve
  • 14:18: More on Jeanine’s professional journey and her background
  • 19:10: The framework for being present
  • 21:08: The four different ways that we use our phones
  • 26:10: Practices and considerations to turn down the noise
  • 32:20: Ways to progress towards being more present
  • 36:16: Where you can learn more about Jeanine

More about Jeanine Turner

Jeanine Turner helps executives gain a strengthened sense of how best to communicate their presence. Using arguments, data, and audience analysis, Turner works with executives to choose messages and communication channels to create powerful stories. Her research and coursework explores persuasion, conflict resolution, and the impact of new media on organizational and interpersonal communication.

When leading executive programs, Turner provides concrete skills and strategies for delivering information and messages as well as specific tools for managing difficult conversations. Her book, Being Present: Commanding Attention at Work and at Home by Managing Your Social Presence, published in January 2022 with Georgetown University Press provides strategies for addressing the challenges of engaging attention in a world of digital devices. Additionally, she has published over 100 articles and book chapters and presented her work nationally and internationally. She loves teaching students and discovering the complexities of communication.

Turner has earned recognition and teaching honors from the McDonough School of Business in 2000-2001 and Executive Master’s in Leadership Distinguished Teaching Awards in 2006-2007, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014.

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