Reset your brand

Now Is The Perfect Time Reset Your Brand (& Yourself)

Life is cyclical, seemingly for a reason. How we move through new seasons seems to either stunt, or spur our growth. 

Some seasons are tricky or difficult, while others might feel like smooth sailing. My guess is that right now, many of us wish we could have a redo or mulligan from this global pandemic season. It’s been hard, unexpected and unpredictable. However, greatness shines in hard times. 

As we enter into this new fall season, research shows that we tend to view life shifts as a fresh start; a time when we have the freedom to become a new, better version of ourselves.

In short, temporal landmarks, including the ghost of the beginning of school years past, are a perfect time to unveil a whole new you (even if just to yourself).” (source

On Resetting

A question I often get asked: “How do I create the highest value for all of the time and energy that I’ve put into my career, and building my personal craft?”

I can confidently say that one of the keys is to master the art of the reset, and resetting your brand. 

Back to school season is in full-swing. For some of us, we also might be back in the office, with feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty around what this new normal will look like.

I would argue that it is a more important time than ever to embrace the art of the reset, and mindfully practice it within your life and for your personal brand. 

reset your brand

Reset Yourself, Reset Your Brand 

The only way we are fit to thrive in each new season is if we intentionally take time to reset. When done well and with purpose, taking that time to reset not only refreshes ourselves as individuals, but also resets your personal brand. 

Let’s take a moment to look at four simple ways that you can implement ‘the reset’ within your own life. 

1. Resetting is Rhythmic

I’m a dancer, I’ve always loved to dance. Anyone who knows anything about rhythm knows the basic 8-count. You count from 1 – 8 and repeat it again. Every song that we hear is made up of 8 counts. This is where we find our rhythm… in the measured beat that simply repeats. 

Whatever you might be facing this season that may be overwhelming or intimidating… giving it rhythm or repetition is a simple step towards progress. It’s widely known that new habits cannot be formed without repetition; whether that looks like trying to lose weight, making time for more self-care, or spending more time with your significant other. 

Look at your calendar; is it rhythmic? Do you have times set-up daily to support that reset that you might be pursuing? If not, now is the time. 

2. Resetting is Rest

You hear this a lot, but it’s because it is true. Resetting means unplugging

If this is something that you struggle with (I certainly do), I would encourage something similar to above. Schedule your rest time. Set a reminder to turn off your phone from the hours of 7-8pm, and intentionally drown out the noise of this busy world. 

Resetting can also take the form of sleep… are you getting enough? 

Many researchers have found that REM sleep is particularly important for performance. For example, in a study looking at anesthesiology interns and anesthetists, researchers found that after a couple of weeks of having night shifts or on-call duties, their work performance declined significantly. (source)

Study after study shows that getting enough sleep equates to many benefits. One of the greatest resets that you can give yourself and to your self value is a full night of sleep.

3. Resetting Your Brand Through Reflection

Are you slowing down to reflect?

As this new season may bring increased busyness, more work events, more after-school activities, and so on… I would encourage you to pause, and reflect on it all. What is working for you, and proving to be fruitful – and what isn’t? 

Research in call centers demonstrated that employees who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting about lessons learned performed 23% better after 10 days than those who did not reflect. (source

Reflection offers clarity, and even a path to next steps you might need to take to help reset your brand. While it can be difficult to say no, it is both courageous and important to let some things go, decline invitations, or even distance certain relationships that might be proving unhealthy. 

Resetting is Redefining

This one might feel challenging, as some of us might be intimidated by the idea of redefining ourselves. Or maybe you feel that you don’t need to redefine yourself; you’re perfectly fine as you are. 

Hear me out. We live in a world that is constantly trying to mold us, change us, and confine what our identities are. Ads and marketing scream about what we must have, purchase, or look like. 

Great leaders not only ignore this noise, but understand the power of redefining their authentic identity to a category of one. Take Muhammed Ali for example… he wasn’t just a great athlete, or a fantastic boxer… he is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time

While resetting is about resting, it is also about looking at ways to improve and enhance. How can you be more than just the Director of Marketing…. what things can you change and redefine to be the BEST Director within your organization? 

Write down some ideas. Start implementing small changes, observe what is working, and what is not. The fruit that comes out of refinement might just revolutionize your job role, and your personal brand along the way. 

Reset Your Brand With Intention

Rescan the list of four ways to reset above.

Now make this mental note: creating time to reset is only effective if it is intentional. 

In other words, don’t do it halfway. Set-up your new schedule or calendar with confidence and commit to stick to it, stifling that voice in the back of your head that says you will probably ignore that 5am alarm. This is your life, and your very own personal brand. Do it with vigor and intention, or not at all. 

Your brand is both the promise and perception of value. In order to protect this value, you must strategically take time to reset. As we flow into this new season with some feelings of uncertainty, I challenge you to make time for some of the above reset practices. 

Stay committed, set the time aside for it, and notice the changes you might see because of it. Your brand is worth it. Consistently adopt the notion of resetting your brand, the changes will follow.