What is How She Did It?
How She Did It unveils a brand-new league of leaders shaping the world of work for women and the entire organization. This show will tackle the intersection of work and well-being from a human point of view. We will hear about personal journeys through trials and triumphs along their own personal transformation but also how this purpose-driven leadership has shaped new models for the future of work and well-being for women around the world.
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Must Watch Episodes
Episode 14
Are you ready to lead with intention and create a lasting impact in your organization?
Episode 13
If you're a leader grappling with the question, "Is it worth it right now?" you're not alone.
Episode 12
If you are a working mom navigating the delicate balance between a demanding career and the joys of motherhood, I get it.
Episode 11
Have you ever felt like you're navigating your career alone, without the guidance you truly need?
Episode 10
Join us for a riveting session of 'How She Did It' as we dive into the heart of leadership and resilience with our esteemed guest, Nitika Rosa from GE Healthcare.
Episode 9
Are you an executive woman contemplating what’s next after your corporate journey ends? Do you wonder how you can continue to make an impact and shape your legacy beyond the traditional bounds of the workplace?
Episode 8
Let's step into a space that's just for us—a place where we unwrap the hidden truths of leadership and what it really takes to shine as a woman at the top. It's time for an episode of How She Did It you won't want to miss: "The Unwritten Rules: Navigating Ambition and Overcoming Obstacles."
Episode 7
Have you been feeling the post-summit glow, holding onto the ideas and connections we forged together? In this episode, we bring the summit atmosphere right where you are. Reconnect with fellow leaders, and reflect on the path we've journeyed as we share key insights and moments that continue to shape our leadership landscape.
Episode 6
Now more than ever, standing out as a leader is more crucial. "How She Did It" Episode 6, "Building Your Breakthrough Executive Brand in Your Industry," invites you to an important discussion on the power of personal branding in the corporate realm. Join us as Eugina Jordan, a master in the art of branding, shares her expert strategies for creating an impactful executive presence that resonates within your industry.
Episode 5
This episode is a journey into the heart of how AI is revolutionizing leadership, culture, and inclusion in the workplace. It’s a must-watch for professionals seeking to understand the intersection of technology and human-centric leadership, for leaders aiming to integrate AI in their strategies, and for anyone passionate about the future of inclusive and effective workplaces.
Episode 4
We are honored to welcome Rebecca O'Brien, a renowned Stress Management & Burnout Coach and Founder, who will be sharing her profound journey of recovery and healing. Her story is not just about overcoming challenges; it's a blueprint for self-empowerment, establishing boundaries, and cultivating resilience.
Episode 3
We’re thrilled to have Ryall Graber, Founder/Owner at RyFit International Inc., as our special guest. Ryall’s journey from personal health struggles to a thriving wellness career epitomizes resilience and dedication. She shares her insights on balancing high-stress work environments with personal health and how to achieve sustainable wellness.
Episode 2
Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin, a visionary in the field of people analytics and workplace culture from Workhuman, joins us to shed light on the topic of purpose. She brings a unique blend of academic insight and practical experience, offering perspectives on how purpose-driven approaches can enrich both organizational environments and individual well-being.
Episode 1
Grab your warm beverage and tune in for a powerful conversation about the state of women in work and well-being. We dive into the insights behind the newly released report, ‘Why Women Stay’. It’s a deep dive into the essentials of building a new type of leader—one that lasts. You will gain perspectives and insights on how to navigate your next career and life moves as we navigate this year.
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About the host

Melissa Dawn Simkins is an author, wife, mother, and The CEO of Velvet Suite, the parent company of The She-Suite. Melissa is a purveyor of purpose leading a movement to reinvent for women’s leadership through an approach called Lead with Your Whole Life. She is a contributor to Inc.com and hascontributed and/or been featured on CNN, HLN, CNBC, Hufffingtonpost.com, Essence and Black Enterprise.

She is a former board of trustees member at her alma mater, Otterbein University and also serves as a board member of The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation. Her methodology on brand leadership has been adopted across Fortune 100 companies and the world’s most influential brands including the National Football League. As an emcee and host, she has interviewed some of the world’s most impactful leaders and clients across business, entertainment, sports, education and media.

Our Audience

We are a new league of leaders who are purpose-driven and powerful in their own right. Together, we dive deep into the most pressing and persistent issues women face while navigating a successful career without compromising on everything else that matters to their life. We uncover smart, straight-forward insights, inspirations on how to lead more fully with awe-inspiring guests.

Why should you watch?

This groundbreaking LinkedIn Live show is dedicated to unveiling the untold stories and insightful perspectives of transformative women who dare to lead differently. We believe it’s time for a fresh perspective on women’s leadership and this is How She Did It.

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We know leadership can be lonely but we’ve got your back. Drop your question here and each episode we’ll discuss (anonomously) live during the show with our audience.
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Want to be a guest?
If you or someone you know have a compelling story with a powerful point of view that is shaping the world of work and well-being for women -- we want to hear from you! Our show will dive deep into the stories of personal success and systemic transformation through the lens of trailblazing HR leaders. We can't wait to hear from you!