The She-Suite
M.V.P. Accelerator
Our 10-week accelerator to amplify performance and career path clarity through mission, vision and purpose alignment.
Our solutions have been tested and trusted by these global companies for over 10 years
The post pandemic world of work has widened the gap for working women. According to The World Economic Forum, gender parity will now take 132 years!
The stakes have never been higher in the war for talent and for companies who want to achieve gender equity. The pre-pandemic status quo is outdated. It’s time for fresh, bold and out-of-the-box innovation to close the gap.
As a people leader within your organization, you are challenged to address the persistent retention, development and advancement gap for women within your organization. In an uncertain economy, leadership is looking for efficient ways to retain top talent, and scale what works rapidly to reach more and sustain your pipeline.
The Solution You’ve Been Looking For…
Possibly, you are investing in your own internal programs or working with a legacy external partner. Yet, in this post pandemic era, the gap within your organization continues to widen. Top of mind may be:
Discussing the leadership gap and how you will meet your gender equity goals
Recognizing that you need to revisit your strategy to align programs with outcomes
Evaluating your existing programs and partnerships to assess what is or is not working
Looking to streamline your many offerings across the enterprise for sustainable impact
No matter where you are, we know change is hard and getting others to align can be even harder. The economic environment, attrition, program status quo and looking for scalable impact all weigh heavily on your decisions on when and where to invest.
The M.V.P. Accelerator is the only proven personal brand leadership readiness platform built to sustain all women in the workplace to advance beyond the leadership and well-being gap with purpose.
The M.V.P. Accelerator
We are excited to offer the M.V.P. Accelerator - An innovation experience for women leaders with proven results to empower you to:
Invest in talent who may be overlooked as candidates for existing programs
Receive real time feedback from participants with powerful tools to navigate purpose and the intersection of work and well-being to fuel productivity
Assess and compare the M.V.P. Accelerator unique offering against alternative existing internal or vendor programs at a fraction of the time and the cost
Plan for a larger engagement with confidence in 2024 due to your low risk investment in innovation through the M.V.P. Accelerator
“If you change nothing, nothing changes.”
Joyce Brothers
10 weeks
March, June
and September 2024

Lesson 1


Week 1

Lesson 2

Embrace Self-Discovery

Topic 1: Your Life’s Defining Moments

Topic 2: Your Motivation

Topic 3: Your Destination

Topic 4: Your Passion

Week 1

Lesson 3

Become an M.V.P.

Topic 1: Purpose

Topic 2: Mission

Topic 3: Vision

Topic 4: Values

Weeks 2-4

Lesson 4

Define Your Path

Topic 1: Rediscover Your Passion

Topic 2: Create Your Career Path Statement

Weeks 5-7

Lesson 5

Lead the 90-Day Way

Topic 1: Elements of Success

Topic 2: Making it Happen by Setting Goals

Topic 3: Your 90-Day Personal Brand Action Plan

Weeks 8-10

Lesson 6

Conclusion and Congratulations

Week 10
Network and Community Opportunities
She-Suite Study Groups

Join your fellow M.V.P. Accelerator program participants for our weekly She-Suite Study Groups that are offered every Monday at 1pm-2pm eastern time, and Thursday at 9am-10am eastern time. Our study groups offer you the opportunity to meet and connect with other participants in the program, take a course while a She-Suite team member is available to provide live support, and plan an hour per week for your course work, so it doesn’t interfere with your post-work day.

Coffee Connection

Take a break from your day every other Tuesday at 1pm-2pm eastern time to meet and network with other incredible women! Our coffee connection sessions give women the opportunity to get to know other women in our programs, we will spend time together sharing stories about challenges and wins in the workplace, and discuss other relevant topics. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Our masterclasses are one of our top-rated speaking engagements! We invite you to join every other month. Each event will have a theme related to challenges and opportunities that we all tackle in our lives, such as the “Art of Balance.” Our amazing speakers will share tips and tricks related to each topic/theme. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other amazing women.

The Outcome:
After 10-week experience participants will have heightened clarity, confidence, competence and connections.

Current State


  • Feeling overwhelmed/burnout
  • Untapped strengths/passion
  • Conflicted between career and life
  • Uncertain career trajectory


  • Feeling undervalued
  • Underleveraged strengths
  • Overcommitted
  • Disengaged in work


  • Disconnect between personal and role purpose
  • Discomfort with risk taking
  • Untapped unique value
  • 12 month career planning


  • Lack of cross-company exposure
  • Missing safe community
  • Established manager relationship
  • Lack access to cross industry learning

Future State


  • Purpose-powered performance
  • Aligned productivity
  • Whole life leadership strategy
  • Career path mapping


  • Heightened assertiveness
  • Authentic strengths activated
  • Clarity of boundaries
  • Elevated engagement


  • Upskilling through purpose alignment
  • Growth mindset expansion
  • Elevate personal brand
  • Accelerated 90-day plan activation


  • 5x cross company exposure
  • Deepened cohort relationships
  • Strengthened manager connection
  • Expanded external network cross industry
The ROI: Purpose outperforms
Your Investment = Transformed women leaders with a playbook to sustain work and well-being
M.V.P. promise
The cost to lose a mid-level employee is 150% of her salary. This investment in our experience is a great opportunity to address your leadership gap and give you time to hear from your participants to assess scaling with us for 2024. Through the M.V.P. Accelerator journey you have the opportunity to 4X your visibility and impact within and outside of your organization.
Through the M.V.P. Accelerator journey you have the opportunity to 4X your visibility and impact within and outside of your organization.
Our 10-week accelerator to amplify engagement and performance through mission, vision and purpose.
Invest in talent who may be overlooked as candidates for existing programs.
Build a strong leadership foundation for early and mid career employees looking to define their career roadmap.
Outcomes include:
- Building a mission, vision and purpose statement
- Defining a career path statement
- Building a 90-day personal brand action plan
- Collaboration with manager to address goals and gaps and a path forward to support acceleration of their personal development plans
The cost to lose an employee is 150% of her salary. This investment in our pilot experience is a great opportunity to address your leadership gap and give you time to hear from your particinants to assess scaling with us for 2024
Hear from Our Graduates
70% agreed that they would recommend the program to their coworkers
Only 27% of Members agreed that they had a clearly defined career path entering the M.V.P. Accelerator. Upon graduation, that number increased to 51%
Upon entering the M.V.P. Accelerator, 72% of Members agreed that their manager would offer support during times of stress or burnout. This improved to 88% upon graduation
"Autumn George shared that her cohort was filled with amazing, like-minded women who were eager to unlock their full potential. Over the past 8 weeks. We spent time getting to know ourselves and each other better through meaningful conversations, surrounding weekly topics, and ensuring that everyone feels supported throughout their journey"
“I have chosen to personally take time to be gracious whether it’s through meditation in the morning before I get out of bed or at the end of the day after I put my children to sleep. I have also decided to be more intentional about time management at work. I plan to carve out time to prepare ahead of meetings and even schedule some blocks of time in the day to catch up and get things done.”
- Carla Lide- Buglione
Next Steps
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