On Going Big & Facing Challenges (With Antonia Hock)

Going Big & Facing Challenges(Guest Antonia Hock)

Change is not foreign to Antonia Hock, Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. She joins Melissa to talk about how she has built her own personal brand and leadership style across various job positions and industries, and shares takeaways from challenges that she faced along the way. 

Tune in to episode 4 to hear all about Antonia’s journey, principles of success, and tips that she follows to live life fully!

antonia hock
  • 3:32: Antonia’s career journey and where it all started
  • 9:05: How Antonia defines her own personal leadership style 
  • 14:30: Her perspective and direction when the Pandemic first hit
  • 16:30: How Antonia has built her personal brand, and identity
  • 19:30: About life outside of work
  • 22:15: Building her principles of success
  • 25:28: A few tips and tricks that help Antonia to live more fully
  • 28:30: How to stop living a fear-based life

More about Antonia Hock

Antonia Hock is the Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center where she leads a dynamic advisory business focused on innovating the Customer Experience (CX) and Talent Experience (TX) for clients worldwide. Antonia is a sought-after, author, thought leader and frequent global keynote featured speaker. 

She is considered a global expert on organizational transformation and building experience-based brands, creating a culture of customer-centricity, empowering employees, and issues around diversity in the workforce and innovating experiences for the future.

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