Episode 11 | Lessons on Leadership: The Power of Design-Driven Thinking To Transform Companies & Careers

EP11. The Power of Design-Driven Thinking To Transform Companies & Careers

True leadership is a skill that is difficult to come by, yet one that can be both learned and refined with time.  This week, President & CEO of Logitech Bracken Darrell joins me to talk about his leadership journey, from his student council days, through the many businesses that he’s transformed and worked with across the years.

When Bracken first stepped into his role with Logitech, he approached it with a very strategic, design-drive mindset on how to turn the direction of the company around, with a specific long-term vision in mind. Tune in as he walks through how he did just that, taking Logitech through a very strategic shift towards success, with a company that is now worth 15 times more than when he first started.

5:07: What shaped Bracken’s leadership style early on.

– 7:45: The true power of goal-setting across your life.

– 13:00: The role of coaching to help mid-level leaders.

– 17:30: Bracken’s reinvention of Logitech, and his design-drive approach.

– 22:00: The path that Logitech is on to become a design company.

– 25:10: On driving change within a company.

– 30:24: On leading your team by example.

– 34:38: Bracken’s commitment to make a bigger difference with Logitech.

– 40:05: What Bracken would say to his younger self.

When Bracken first hired the company’s first design director and emphasized new product categories, such as Bluetooth speakers and gaming peripherals, he spotted room for growth. The bet paid off, and Logitech quadrupled profits and multiplied its stock value by a factor of five in the 2017 fiscal year compared with the year before. In 2018 they won a dozen design awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In 2019 they won three Fast Company design awards.


And as recently as March, 2020 Fast Company named Logitech to its Top 10 Innovative Companies list for design. Since Bracken’s arrival at the company, they have reinvented Logitech with both great design and great engineering.


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