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Launch. Lead. Legacy.

A fresh approach to advance women leaders and meet the needs of both the individual and the enterprise at every career and life stage.


Your Path to Purpose at Every Stage to Fuel Performance

We know how overwhelming and conflicting it can be to start the day bright and early, to please everybody all day long, neglect your own personal needs and still feel overworked and undervalued. You’re exhausted. We get It. Our method looks at your total life picture and partners with you to support your leadership journey over the course of her career. We help you fast track progress and avoid common pitfalls by crafting a personal brand around your mission, vision and purpose across the various stages of your leadership journey. The results are a clear, lifelong roadmap to success and a safe community of support so you can confidently take time for self-care, move your career vision forward and give your family the best of you instead of the “left overs.” Now more than ever, women are redefining success son their terms. The She Suite Delivers:

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As an emerging leader or someone launching your next chapter, we will help you accelerate your next bold move through the power of The She-Suite community

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As an established leader with a proven track record and conflicting work and life priorities, we will help you define your own authentic personal brand through our Brand Leadership Institute.

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As a new or experienced executive, we help you accelerate your progress, and elevate your industry influence to transition to your next role with our elite coaching and more.

The She-Suite Method Transformation
How it works
The She-Suite Method
The She-Suite Method Transformation Global Leadership Sustainability at Scale
The She-Suite Method
Global Leadership Sustainability at Scale
The She-Suite is the global leadership and lifestyle platform backed by data-driven analytics delivering cross company and cross industry transformation for women and their managers. Our playbook is designed to address the most persistent pipeline gap by providing a personal brand playbook to sustain their career at every stage from launch to lead to legacy.
The only global personal brand leadership accelerator built for mid-career women leaders and managers to accelerate, retain and advance your pipeline with proven results.
Leverage the power of BLI plus activation of your alumni community to build a robust data-driven outcomes to demonstrate tangible outcomes beyond the BLI experience.
Our annual global summit convenes today’s future-forward employers and women leaders across industries to join forces in crafting a new approach for work, well-being and boundless leadership.
Insight-driven, curated content customized for leadership and lifestyle activation built for the enterprise at scale. Explore how our best in class content powered by The She-Suite can supplement your existing LMS/LxP experience.
We are the Tesla of the Talent Development Industry
Elite Coaching
C‑Suite Advisory
Events & Experiences
Curated Lifestyle Content
Enterprise Spotlight
Shani Waugh
Global Director, Diversity Business Partner
Google Cloud
“What’s unique about The She-Suite Method is it helps a woman think about the various stages of her career. It’s a multi-layered approach that other organizations have not thought about.”
Return on investment
3 – Year investment to Drive Sustainable Change
Build your pipeline
Clients use BLI Spotlight Documentary video and content to tell their employer brand story
– Leverage BLI success to attract diverse talent
– Build industry reputation as employer of choice
Keep your talent
80% retention of BLI graduates
– Build a safe community to impact culture
– Develop more inclusive people leaders (managers)
– Grow impact on culture through our inclusive model of networks or participants, managers, sponsors/ally
Prepare to read
Nearly 40% of BLI graduates are promoted in 12 months
– 100% of participants experience elevated exposure througn new networks and sponsors/mentors
– Peer-mentoring deepens employee commitment as each alum is tasked to mentor a current participant
Place top talent in executive positions
BLI graduates who stay with the company over time are placed in executive positions
– Deliver our commitments to the board
– Execute a program to support DE&I strategy with proven success
Company Culture Commitment: Access roadblocks, Measure progress and succession, link diversity goals to compensation, Advocate for mentorship, exposure and sponsorship
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