The She-Suite Brand Leadership Institute
The first customized personal brand e-learning coaching platform built for the enterprise to give working women a proven roadmap to do their best work and live their best lives.
What is the BLI?
The BLI journey fuels purpose and performance through a cohort based, supportive sisterhood of women from your organization, as well as women from various industries who will help you progress year after year.
With elite coaching, accountability partner pairing, and measurable 90-Day action plan rhythms, you will fast track next-level performance and elevate the value and visibility of women to recruit, retain, ready and represent women within your organization.
Purpose-driven leaders and BLI graduates support the organization through intentional recruiting and retention of talent, accelerating leadership readiness and promoting diversity representation within your organization.
Real Transformation… Proven Results
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Purpose And Passion Outperforms
Purpose-driven leaders are the most effective at advancing their own careers while making the world better, according to research firm. Our insight-driven approach builds resilient leaders who become the prototype for future-ready leadership. We deliver a virtual experience with the flexibility to design your own path to success.
Safe Community To Address Hidden Barriers
We bring together cohorts of all women and women of color in particular to support the collective advancement through addressing blind spots and working through challenges – together. Our model accelerates cultural transformation through cohort mentorship and peer accountability year over year.
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90-Day Action Plan Aligns Work + Well-Being
Beyond learning we emphasize action. Each member creates a 90-day plan of action to support their individual development, team development and how to advance across the enterprise.
100% of our members noted an increase in their performance and how it aligned to their personal brand strategy through our 90-day plan.
Managers Become Inclusive Leaders To Elevate + Advance Women
98% of managers of Brand Leadership Institute members stated they saw, “Measurable behavior change from their direct report.” They also noted they became better equipped to be inclusive leaders through our unique approach to help them become better leaders.
Black women are less likely than men or women of other races to feel supported by their manager (Women in the Workplace 2020).
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Customized for Women of Color
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Customized for all Women
How it works
Fortune 500 companies and other industry leading enterprises engage in a multiyear partnership to grow their pipeline of female leaders. Through partnership, we deliver a custom action plan of readiness, retention and representation of diverse, women leaders, empowering your company to be seen as an industry leader of future-ready talent.
Companies identify a cohort of women to participate within our enrollment windows annually.
Participants build supportive and safe communities across their organization as well as with other BLI partnering companies across different industries. Annually, we celebrate the accomplishments of our alum and the companies who invest in them at our She-Suite Summit.
Who is it for?
All high potential female talent (and women of color in particular) looking to fast-track the next level leadership with new mindset, skillset and relationships. Learn how to harmoniously blend your career and life for sustainable success.
Our solutions have been tested and trusted by these global companies for over 10 years