Season 2, Episode 10 | How To Advance Your Career Without Burning Out

Episode 10 | How To Advance Your Career Without Burning Out

Work burnout and overcommitment has been a big topic the past year or so. With many of us working longer hours than normal from home, or struggling to balance work and life with the seemingly never-ending changes… Career advancement may seem incredibly daunting. 

For Episode 10 of Season 2 of The She-Suite Podcast, Jamie Lee joins us to share her wisdom and guidance on the topic of career advancement and helping working women rise, without the burnout. For over five years, she’s worked as an executive coach for smart women who hate office politics.

I found her perspectives and advice to be refreshing as well as encouraging, and I’m certain that this episode has something to offer for everyone, no matter what stage of your career you might currently be in. 

Let’s jump in…

  • 3:24: How Jamie managed the changes that the pandemic brought
  • 7:05: Some signs that helped Jamie realize she was at a tipping point of being burnt out
  • 9:50: More on Jamie Lee’s background before she became an Executive Coach
  • 12:40: The importance of acknowledging and owning your value
  • 19:14: How to reprogram a negative thought processes 
  • 24:08: On how to avoid falling into the 3A trap 
  • 29:45: Deciding on the results that you want to have in the future
  • 32:10: The importance of delegation across your team
  • 35:20: Jamie’s ‘secret sauce’
avoiding work burnout jamie lee executive coach

Jamie is an executive coach who helps women become bolder, braver and better paid which improves families, companies, and the world. For five years, she has been helping women get promoted and better paid without throwing anyone under the bus. 

She has delivered self-advocacy workshops for working women in New York (Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, Jefferies Bank, etc), in Tokyo (Smith College Club), Toronto (IATSE Union), Boston (Foundation Medicine), Kigali (ITM Africa) among others before the pandemic.

To learn more about Jamie Lee and grab her free ebook, How To Ask For A Big Pay Raise – head here!  

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