Getting To The Core: On Facing Life Challenges (Guest Anne Mahlum)

On Facing Life Challenges (Guest Anne Mahlum)

Big or small, life challenges are inevitable. If you’re here today looking for some motivation, or another perspective to approach a tough spot in your life… this episode is for you. Guest Anne Mahlum is an entrepreneur, innovator, and most recently founded [solidcore] – a boutique fitness company with over 70 locations. 

Listen in as Anne shares her story, about what motivates her, and how she has overcome several challenges that tested her belief system. You don’t want to miss this final episode of Season 3. 

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  • 4:45: More about Anne and how she started [solidcore]  
  • 8:00: How Anne took her big idea and moved it forward
  • 11:54: Various challenges that Anne faced that tested her belief system
  • 21:40: A daunting physical challenge that Anne had to overcome 
  • 26:30: Anne’s thoughts on priorities and how we spend our time
  • 28:01: How Anne prioritizes her own ideas and goals 
  • 29:50: About the non-profit that Anne started, Back On My Feet
  • 34:08: Habits and practices that Anne follows to balance her lie 
  • 43:55: Thoughts on the practice of discipline 
  • 44:48: What’s next for Anne

More about Anne Mahlum

Anne Mahlum is an entrepreneur, innovator, and inspiring public speaker. She founded [solidcore], a boutique fitness company in 2013, and expanded the business to 70 fully corporately owned locations in less than 10 years. Among its more than 100,000 customers, the exercise and wellness brand has seen notable clients including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mahlum’s commitment to fitness is not new. She previously served as the CEO of Back on My Feet (BoMF), an NGO she established in 2007 to empower the homeless to change their lives through running and physical wellness. BoMF now has chapters across the U.S. including Baltimore, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Indianapolis, Atlanta, New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles. Mahlum also spearheaded the privatization process of BoMF with nearly 50 staff people, an extensive roster of volunteers, and hundreds of beneficiaries. 

ABC World News named Mahlum Person of the Week, CNN listed her in their Hero feature, and the Business Journal in Philadelphia and Washington DC, and Crain’s New York, listed her as a top 40 under 40. She was also a New Yorker of the Week and Penjerdel’s Citizen of the Year. Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Mahlum lives in New York. She has run 11 marathons, one on every world continent, including Antarctica.

Mahlum is a motivational speaker and presents at corporate events, schools, and conferences. Her appearances usually focus on leadership, boldness, finding happiness, starting and developing a nonprofit, and initiating social change.

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