Episode 3: How To Negotiate So That Everyone Wins (Including You!)

Episode 3: How To Negotiate So That Everyone Wins

Almost everything in life is a negotiation… so how are your negotiating skills? 

Today’s guest, Ron Shapiro, is an Expert Negotiator, Attorney, Sports Agent, Educator, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Civic Leader. He joins me in Episode 3 to share his simple playbook on how to negotiate for exactly what you want.

Listen as we break down some tips on how you can get your worth, and never sell yourself short.

  • 4:00: How Ron first decided to master the power of negotiation
  • 6:09: Ron’s journey that helped formulate his approach to negotiation
  • 8:15: The systematic approach to negotiating: “The Three P’s”
  • 10:32: A real-life example to help apply “The Three P’s”
  • 14:15: Negotiating across your personal life and relationships
  • 17:30: How to neutralize your emotions during negotiations
  • 20:05: Specific tips for women who many be struggling
  • 23:01: Ron’s ‘Secret Sauce’ 
  • 25:30: Keys on successfully writing your own book 

Past experiences have shown that the power of nice works for everyone, regardless of their station in life. Ron’s crafted, systematic approach helps to empower others, and create the change that is being sought.

Ron’s four award winning books have received an array of accolades, including recognition on the New York TimesBusiness Week and the Wall Street Journal’s best seller lists. He is frequently referred to by parties representing each side in a negotiation as the ultimate “Win-Win” negotiator. 

Married to his wife, Cathi, they have seven kids and 11 grandchildren. You can read more about Ron Shapiro on his website

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