empowering the right mindset

Having A “Heart of Service”: Empowering The Right Mindset

It started when I realized the positive impact I could make in the lives of others, providing affordable housing for low income families, while leading my family’s real estate investment business. Then it culminated when I received and used an MBA in Marketing, and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I began teaching as a professor at a local University. I was able to share information and help to educate students, while they in turn taught me.  

I did not realize how incredibly isolating entrepreneurship could be while also leading in a demanding corporate career. It forced me to dig deep within to determine the “why”.

On Balancing The Needs Of Others

One of my greatest learning experiences was when a former student stopped me in the school cafeteria to tell me he graduated with a degree in Marketing and accepted a job offer in his field. He thanked me for helping and encouraging him. This young man had silently suffered with dyslexia for years, and was previously going through a broken home experience, while failing at school. He told me that through taking my course and one-on-one tutoring sessions, he was able to successfully complete his studies.

I’ve served as leader in positions and special projects throughout my corporate career. Collaborating with internal and external cross-functional business partners to achieve common goals continues to be an exciting experience for me. Just recently a peer called to compliment me on having a style of balancing the needs of others along with my objectives, in a way that made them feel heard and valued. She added that it is a leadership attribute that she wanted to adopt in her own style. 

For me it has been more of a necessary way of serving than a style.  

A Shift In Mindset

Recently, I learned to play the piano and bass guitar. My goal is to steal away to an unsuspecting local space, and deliver soothing enjoyable music to passerbys, in hopes that it will make their day just a bit brighter.

A heart of service defines and empowers me through living my faith and helping others. When leaders shift their mindset and serve first, they benefit as well as others around them, while the organization grows.   

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Manager National Accounts
Ingredion, Incorporated