5 Extraordinary Results From Building A Personal Brand

building a personal brand

Face the facts. Your work ethic is good, but it may not be taking you far enough. Your well-designed product or impeccable services have grown your career… but something is missing.  If you don’t have a personal brand strategy, you have overlooked huge opportunity. In my book, Brand Me: The Ultimate Playbook for Personal Branding, I … Read more

Celebrating Sisterhood | The Brand Leadership Institute

celebrating sisterhood

On Sisterhood What does the word sisterhood mean to you? sis·ter·hood /ˈsistərˌho͝od/ noun an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. At the She-Suite, we work hard to create a sense of sisterhood across our community. And while we continue to grow and expand in various ways, the … Read more

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