BLI Alumna Spotlight Mindy Nelson, and Her Inclusion and Diversity Journey

mindy nelson, bli alumni

It’s such a joy for our She-Suite Team to take time to connect with Brand Leadership Institute participants, and get to know them on a deeper level. Mindy Nelson, BLI Alumni and Project Leader/Analyst, Global Inclusion & Diversity at Eaton, is no exception to this.  Mindy’s background is unique in that she was born in … Read more

BLI Alumna Spotlight Christina Millar: On Designing Your Own Path

Christina Millar

Over the years, Christina Millar has been managing a variety of different roles as an Engineer within the Aerospace Defense Industry, leading diverse teams, managing cross-collaboration, and juggling a variety of initiatives. Yet it wasn’t until her time going through The Brand Leadership Institute, that she realized that she should actually be designing her own … Read more

BLI Alumna Spotlight Olivia Smith: On Finding Purpose

olivia smith

Meet Olivia, a BLI Alumna with an inspirational story and journey to share. Initially attending school for Business Management and Public Relations, and she launched her career path in Los Angeles, landing a job in the Public Relations Industry. Yet as things began to shift within her personal life, she was pulled in another direction. … Read more

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