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Standing Up To Burnout: The She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat

Burnout. It’s a word that we hear frequently these days, with it being a more prevalent issue than ever before. In fact, as of January 2022, The World Health Organization added Burnout to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases). Defined as, “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”… burnout is a real workplace issue that cannot be overlooked. 

Which is where The She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat comes in…

This past May of 2022, six executive women from around the country made the choice to carve out time in their busy lives, and head to Miami for the first-ever The She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat. For four days, The She-Suite team came alongside these leaders at The Ritz-Carlton, in Bal Harbour Florida, to indulge them in a fully-customized experience, designed to help them reset, reconnect, and relaunch their personal brand action plans.

Here’s what participant Dr. Priya Agrawal had to share on the experience…

the she-suite retreat burnout

An executive retreat designed for women, by women, means that the morning starts with:

More sleep… or simply just time to lounge in bed. I chose an early morning walk by the ocean. This was followed by breakfast in bed, and the encouragement to dress for the day however we preferred. For me, the casual dress code meant less stress, and more comfort. 

Days were full, yet intentionally designed with white space to think, and clear our minds. When together, each session was full of words of wisdom, and inspiration. 

When our group convened later in the morning on Day 1, we jumped right into a session that echoed what so many of us were feeling: The Burnout Factor, with April L. Ervin, MBA.

Discussion was rich as we dug into how all of us as women keep doing, giving, offering, delivering, and going above and beyond, even when no one has asked. Listening to these other incredible women in the room with me was like a mirror being held up to my face. 

  • Do I know the signs of burnout? 
  • Do I push myself too hard? 
  • Do I stop, reflect and reset?

This session personally left me with many takeaways, including the extreme importance of setting boundaries, and communicating those boundaries. Just because we CAN do something, doesn’t mean that we SHOULD. And when it comes to translating this into our work space… it is critical to role model these actions with our own work teams, so that it becomes a mindset and way of operating.

These are just a few thoughts from one of the various sessions during our time together in Miami. As I look back and reflect on the several days, I will leave you with this:

The She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat was truly game changing, for me. I made some big mindset resets (putting family and community back into the center of my world), reconnected with my purpose (remembering that one can deliver on one’s purpose in multiple ways, and not just through one’s day job) and left ready to relaunch a life that is grounded in what is most important… and that includes me! 

Lastly, the power of community during the retreat was the ‘special sauce’ to making it all stick. The women who I gathered with were just as critical as the experts, and the bonds that were formed are truly special. 

For me, this is just the first step in a journey… but isn’t the first step the most important? 

(Derived from an original post from Dr. Priya Agrawal.)

the she-suite retreat

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