The Power of the Turnaround: On Stepping Back & Changing Course

turnaround Lisa Gable

Episode 12 | Turnaround with Lisa Gable Lisa Gable’s career journey began when she was 19 years old, as a political appointee during the Reagan Administration. Fast forward to current-day, and she’s now an author, mom, wife, and the CEO of FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education.  A triple strength leader with private, public and … Read more

Negotiation Tips: 3 Simple Ways To Get To The Next Level

Everything in life is a negotiation. The catch is, negotiation doesn’t always boil down to a simple black and white situation, or good versus bad.  Something has become very evident this year is that negotiation isn’t just about better pay. It’s also coming down to workplace flexibility, health and wellness benefits, and how rigid (or … Read more

Season 2, Episode 10 | How To Advance Your Career Without Burning Out

avoiding work burnout jamie lee executive coach

Episode 10 | How To Advance Your Career Without Burning Out Work burnout and overcommitment has been a big topic the past year or so. With many of us working longer hours than normal from home, or struggling to balance work and life with the seemingly never-ending changes… Career advancement may seem incredibly daunting.  For … Read more

Celebrating Sisterhood | The Brand Leadership Institute

celebrating sisterhood

On Sisterhood What does the word sisterhood mean to you? sis·ter·hood /ˈsistərˌho͝od/ noun an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. At the She-Suite, we work hard to create a sense of sisterhood across our community. And while we continue to grow and expand in various ways, the … Read more

The Reset #1

It’s here! The first weekly edition of The Reset [Powered by The She-Suite] ⚡   Welcome to our very first edition of The Reset, powered by The She-Suite®. I am so honored and excited that you’re here, and choosing to spend your Sunday morning with us. Before diving in, can you take a few minutes to … Read more

Season 2, Episode 9 | Finding Clarity: Connecting The Dots Between Your Personal & Professional Life

she suite podcast yuri brown cruzat

Episode 9 | Finding Clarity: Connecting The Dots Between Your Personal & Professional Life Welcome back! I’m so excited to share this newest episode with you. My guest for Episode 9, Yuri Brown-Cruzat, is not only an inspirational and steadfast leader, but a long-time friend of mine.  This episode was a fun one to record, … Read more

Transform by Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

suzan cengiz

As the child of immigrants seeking better opportunities, and starting their own business, I developed a strong sense of family and business savviness at a young age. I gained valuable real-world and hands-on business experience. I ran daily operations, managed personnel, and grew the business. We faced challenges, such as downturns in the economy, but … Read more

Having A “Heart of Service”: Empowering The Right Mindset

empowering the right mindset

It started when I realized the positive impact I could make in the lives of others, providing affordable housing for low income families, while leading my family’s real estate investment business. Then it culminated when I received and used an MBA in Marketing, and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I began teaching as a … Read more

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