BLI Alumna Spotlight Mindy Nelson, and Her Inclusion and Diversity Journey

mindy nelson, bli alumni

It’s such a joy for our She-Suite Team to take time to connect with Brand Leadership Institute participants, and get to know them on a deeper level. Mindy Nelson, BLI Alumni and Project Leader/Analyst, Global Inclusion & Diversity at Eaton, is no exception to this.  Mindy’s background is unique in that she was born in … Read more

The She–Suite Announces the 8th Annual Summit23: A Call to Action to Design a New Approach to Sustain Women in the Workplace

The She-Suite celebrates Women’s History Month by convening a collective of leading women and companies to pay tribute to Architects of Change at its global summit with nearly 60 thought leading speakers across industries from tech, healthcare, CPG, entertainment, and sports to bring fresh solutions to design a modern blueprint for change in the workplace. … Read more

BLI Alumna Spotlight Christina Millar: On Designing Your Own Path

Christina Millar

Over the years, Christina Millar has been managing a variety of different roles as an Engineer within the Aerospace Defense Industry, leading diverse teams, managing cross-collaboration, and juggling a variety of initiatives. Yet it wasn’t until her time going through The Brand Leadership Institute, that she realized that she should actually be designing her own … Read more

BLI Alumna Spotlight Olivia Smith: On Finding Purpose

olivia smith

Meet Olivia, a BLI Alumna with an inspirational story and journey to share. Initially attending school for Business Management and Public Relations, and she launched her career path in Los Angeles, landing a job in the Public Relations Industry. Yet as things began to shift within her personal life, she was pulled in another direction. … Read more

Standing Up To Burnout: The She-Suite Executive Brand Leadership & Legacy Retreat

the she-suite retreat

Burnout. It’s a word that we hear frequently these days, with it being a more prevalent issue than ever before. In fact, as of January 2022, The World Health Organization added Burnout to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases). Defined as, “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”… burnout is a … Read more

Getting To The Core: On Facing Life Challenges (Guest Anne Mahlum)

anne mahlum

On Facing Life Challenges (Guest Anne Mahlum) Big or small, life challenges are inevitable. If you’re here today looking for some motivation, or another perspective to approach a tough spot in your life… this episode is for you. Guest Anne Mahlum is an entrepreneur, innovator, and most recently founded [solidcore] – a boutique fitness company … Read more

Declutter Your Communications: On Being Socially Present (With Jeanine Turner)

jeanine turner being present

Declutter Your Communications: On Being Socially Present Now more than ever, being socially present is a challenge for all of us. Which is why Jeanine W. Turner, Ph. D. joins us as a guest on Episode 8, to discuss her knowledge and research on communications, presence, and why it’s more than just ‘putting your phone away.’ … Read more

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