audra upchurch LMI director

Elevate & Celebrate: Spotlighting Audra Upchurch

Elevating my own accomplishments has not been easy for me. 

In the past, I have been able to move up in leadership roles based on my hard work and dedication and often thought that was enough, and that I would be rewarded based on this hard work alone.  I have instead had to learn to elevate my accomplishments and ideas, and make sure that the value, dedication, and hard work are understood and recognized by my leaders. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to serve in a key role on a new project and help my company and team excel in the initiation and implementation of this critical project. At the same time, I had just been promoted to a new leadership role within my company. This was one of the hardest years of my career.  Both roles were important to me… and I was determined that I and we would succeed. I often worked long days and most weekends to make sure I was meeting all requirements and expectations. 

What I didn’t do was to make sure that these efforts were evaluated and visible at all levels…  

At the end of the year, I learned that while my project teams knew and understood what I was doing in support of both roles, my leadership team did not. My assessment for the year did not reflect all my efforts and accomplishments, simply due to the lack of understanding of what I had completed that year. That experience showed me that not only did I need to elevate my own visibility with my leadership, but to ensure that I was elevating others. 

Elevating Your Visibility As A Leader

Leaders at all levels must elevate and celebrate the success of your teams. Make sure that those in leadership positions are aware of the hard work and accomplishments of your team, and make sure your team members receive the recognition they deserve. As leaders this is CRUCIAL… but also very rewarding.

I encourage everyone to engage with your leaders to ensure they are aware of and understand your accomplishments. If you have a new idea, want to take on a new role, or have completed a milestone or innovation on a task, elevate these with your leaders.  Don’t assume the right people are paying attention, and take control of your message and success. Develop relationships with your leaders and build upon those relationships to support your personal and professional growth and success. Once you start you will find this is easier than you thought. 

This is even more critical during this time of increased remote work and separation. Engage with your leaders and team. Schedule times to connect and groups and one on one. 

Build, support, elevate and celebrate your accomplishments and those around you. The results might just surprise you.