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Welcome to the official page for Brand Leadership Institute Alumni – we are so glad that you’re here! We’ve created this page as a one-stop-shop for resources, upcoming events, helpful material, and ways to get connected with other alumni within this network. As our BLI alumni community continues to grow, so will this page! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or suggestions on how we can continue to improve, and support you.

Upcoming BLI Alumni Events

12 PM - 1 PM EST
Advisory Boards: Finding the Right Champions.
7 AM - 8 AM EST
Life Acceleration: Taking Professional Risks When It Counts.
7 AM - 8 AM EST
Finding Professional Development Opportunities in Uncertain Times.
12 PM - 1 PM EST
Define Your Scorecard for Success.
7 AM - 8 AM EST
Cultivating Healthy Manager Relationships.
12 PM - 1 PM EST
Self-Care: Strategies to Optimize Your Performance.

Where Are They Now?

Every month, we spotlight a brand new BLI Alumni to learn more about where she is now, and what she’s learned from her journey!

cigdem duru BLI alum
Born and raised in Turkey, Cigdem Duru wasn’t always sure that her professional path would lead her to the other... Read More
maruja harris bli alumni
The decision to choose to stay at home as a mom is not one to take lightly; many of us... Read More

Bli Alumni Wins

Have you recently been promoted or recognized at work? Maybe finished a big, successful project that you’ve been working on forever? We want to hear from you! Fill out the form below, and let us know how we can celebrate with you.
The Give To Get

“Leadership is the greatest gift to the next generation. The She-Suite remains committed to the G2 (Give To Get) principle and looks for ways continually to give back and pay it forward. Through our signature event, The She-Suite Summit, we sponsor collegiate women to attend to build their development, networking and shape their purposeful vision for their career and life.

As alumni, we encourage you to also pay it forward and to be mentors. Do research within your own company to see if opportunities exist to pay it forward to other women, or speak with your HR or Talent Management Team for more ideas.

We want to hear from you!
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Alumni Resources

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On Facing Life Challenges (Guest Anne Mahlum) Big or small, life challenges are inevitable. If
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Digging Deep: On Discovering Your Identity (Guest Sidoney Samuels-Buckridge) On Episode 7 of Season
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