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March 28, 2024
Melissa Dawn Simkins is the President and CEO of the Velvet Suite and Founder of The She-Suite. As described by... Continue Reading
dr. janice hilliard
January 18, 2024
Dr. Janice Hilliard’s career path may not have followed a predefined plan, but her story is a testament to the... Continue Reading
navigated work and motherhood
December 18, 2023
“How do you do it all?” I’ve been asked this question countless times by friends, and co-workers. The perception of... Continue Reading
emily mathias BLI Alumna
October 18, 2023
It was Emily Mathias’ first job that helped her to learn where her true passions stemmed from. Starting out at... Continue Reading
cigdem duru BLI alum
September 13, 2023
Born and raised in Turkey, Cigdem Duru wasn’t always sure that her professional path would lead her to the other... Continue Reading
maruja harris bli alumni
May 31, 2023
The decision to choose to stay at home as a mom is not one to take lightly; many of us... Continue Reading
mindy nelson, bli alumni
March 8, 2023
It’s such a joy for our She-Suite Team to take time to connect with Brand Leadership Institute participants, and get... Continue Reading
March 2, 2023
The She-Suite celebrates Women’s History Month by convening a collective of leading women and companies to pay tribute to Architects... Continue Reading
Christina Millar
December 15, 2022
Over the years, Christina Millar has been managing a variety of different roles as an Engineer within the Aerospace Defense... Continue Reading
olivia smith
November 9, 2022
Meet Olivia, a BLI Alumna with an inspirational story and journey to share. Initially attending school for Business Management and... Continue Reading
Allison Lavender
August 29, 2022
There’s much to be said about someone sticking with a company for over 20 years; it’s something that has become... Continue Reading
ana gray spotlight
August 8, 2022
We believe that leadership is a lifestyle. It’s a phrase you’ll hear frequently at The She-Suite, because we see it... Continue Reading