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April, 2023

Velvet Suite Announces Appointment of COO

January, 2023

Melissa joins Cheddar TV News to discuss gender blind spots at work.

October, 2022

Melissa joins Mornings With Maria on Fox Business News to discuss the Women in the Workplace Report.

October, 2022

Melissa joins The John Williams Show, WGN Radio720 to discuss the Women in the Workplace Report.

April, 2021

CEO Today

2020 was a trying year for every business, but some managed to thrive despite the pandemic. What techniques did they use to remain resilient?

Mar 30, 2021

CEOWorld Magazine

Encouraging Women to Live Leadership as a Lifestyle Is the Key to Resilience.

Mar 24 2021

Tech Times

Women Are Facing a Workplace Crisis – What Can We Do about It?

March 2020

Business Insider

When the coronavirus outbreak worsened, we moved a 300-person live event online in 38 hours. Here’s how to do it.

October 2019


Should corporations bar their employees from using Twitter? Experts weigh in – watch below.