self-sabotaging habits

5 Self-Sabotaging Habits That Are Holding You Back

What is limiting your growth?

The answer… might just be YOU. How often have you acted against your own self-interest?

Your biggest roadblock is most likely the “enemy from within.” We all have suffered from self-sabotaging thoughts. Subconscious self-talk has a detrimental impact on your personal growth and overall success.

The root of limiting beliefs can come from internalizing attitudes that were directed at you from others as early as your childhood. In working with companies, large and small, I’ve identified these five self-sabotaging habits that halt business growth. Here are a few of my proven tips to address these ugly habits and get out of your own way.

Self-sabotaging habit #1: Procrastinating due to fear

Fear is like a taser electrical shot; it incapacitates you. To overcome fear masked as procrastination, act with urgency. Focus your first actions of the day around what is most important to accomplish your goal. Leaders are laser focused on priorities first. Take a moment to reframe your reality and re-order your day. When I left my comfortable corporate job nearly 10 years ago, I told myself that failure was not an option.

Use that same energy to beat fear with faith. Believe in your vision and seize the opportunity each day to get one step closer.

Self-sabotaging example #2: Playing it safe

Leaders live in the land of BIG! Surround yourself with people and ideas that enlarge your creativity and push you beyond the boundaries. How do winners stretch and grow? They lean in and reframe failure as an opportunity to learn fast. They play and work with others on the next level. 

Start by building relationships with those you admire but you may not know today. This will require you to move past your comfort zone, take stock of your current support system, and taking time to do a brand reset. It may also mean letting go of some former colleagues and friends who robbed you of your creative energy and refused to grow beyond your past.

Self-sabotaging habit #3: Doing vs. Being

We often mistake “doing” for “being.” Often “doing” can be disguised as productive but it actually is an ugly addiction rooted in the need to be in control. The doing can leave us frustrated and depleted. As you grow, the volume of work to do is beyond your physical ability. It’s time to organize, prioritize and delegate.

Take time to understand how “being” present adds greater value to your customers, employees and your own fulfillment. Leaders focus their time and presence in high value areas that make a measurable breakthrough contribution.

overcome self-doubt

Self-sabotaging behavior #4: Negative self talk

Leaders learn how to stop self-bullying. Recognize the negative thoughts that sway your self-identity and impact your ability. Stop the conversation. Never come into agreement with your thoughts by verbalizing them.

Start by recognizing the negative thoughts and self-doubt, and counter them with positive reinforcement. “My business is making progress, slowly but surely.” Surround yourself with others who will reinforce the positive and help you to see your situation from a not-so critical point of view.

Self-sabotage habit #5: Lacking value for your time

I can tell what you value by where you spend your time. How do you invest time in your self-care, and self value? Assess what you can do each day to reinvest in you. How you care for your health, emotional, spiritual and total well-being tells me how much you value your brand. Value your time, presence and expertise. By giving away everything to everyone, you are sacrificing the engine for your next level growth… you.

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