The Secret Sauce To Build Your Own Brand

build your own brand

Every great brand has its own recipe.  I’m not just talking about food brands specifically… I’m talking about your own brand. Personal brands.  So… what’s the ‘secret sauce’ to building your own brand? It’s that list of ingredients that makes you unique, memorable, relevant, and in-demand. I know this because I’ve had to personally learn how … Read more

The Reset #8

What are your pillars of self value?   Self-care is a term that we hear often, and seems to be discussed more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. In fact, 67% of Americans claim that they developed self-care routines that have lasted post-pandemic. If you know me, I tend to think about things from … Read more

The Reset #7

Fall back (into better sleep habits)   This past week, I had more solid sleep over the course of 72 hours than I’ve probably had in the past seven months. I caught a bug that put me completely on my back. My body was down for the count, and so I took time to do … Read more

Self Value vs. Self-Care: Why You Can’t Have One Without The Other

self value

Self-care. By definition, self-care envelopes most things related to staying physically and emotionally healthy – hygiene, nutrition, and seeking medical care when needed. It’s steps that an individual can take to manage stressors in their life, in order to take care of his or her own health and well-being. Through the pandemic, we saw an … Read more

How Successful Leaders Overcome Self-Doubt

overcome self-doubt

When your inner critique gets the best of you, it can turn your instinct into your worst enemy. But why? In some ways, second guessing yourself can be good. However, it is in those tiny seconds that self-doubt can creep in and crush your confidence to take action. According to Malcolm Gladwell in the first chapter … Read more

The Reset #6

It’s time to slow down…   Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful week, and are ready to take some time for yourself this morning, to reset. I recently shot you a quick video to watch, sharing my thoughts on the value of taking time to pause, pull back, and recenter. As the holiday … Read more

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