The Power of the Turnaround: On Stepping Back & Changing Course

turnaround Lisa Gable

Episode 12 | Turnaround with Lisa Gable Lisa Gable’s career journey began when she was 19 years old, as a political appointee during the Reagan Administration. Fast forward to current-day, and she’s now an author, mom, wife, and the CEO of FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education.  A triple strength leader with private, public and … Read more

The Reset #5

Your Weekly Reset | Why negotiating your worth is more important than ever…   One of my Sunday reset rituals is reconnecting with people in my life who matter to me. I had a scheduled Zoom call with one of my cousins. It was wonderful reconnecting, reminiscing, and catching up on things like family, dating … Read more

The Reset #4

Your Weekly Reset | Reflecting on the past 18 months 📅   Do you remember where you were in March of 2020? I had so much hope for what would be our largest to date, 2020 She-Suite Summit. I recall hearing about this "COVID thing"… but didn’t really pay it much attention. Yet, on March 11th … Read more

The Reset #3

Your Weekly Reset | Mapping out your next 90 days…   Happy October! With fall officially in the air, we are entering the final quarter of 2021. Can you believe it? On that note, I want to share an audio note that I recorded (click on the picture below), to share how I personally take … Read more

Negotiation Tips: 3 Simple Ways To Get To The Next Level

Everything in life is a negotiation. The catch is, negotiation doesn’t always boil down to a simple black and white situation, or good versus bad.  Something has become very evident this year is that negotiation isn’t just about better pay. It’s also coming down to workplace flexibility, health and wellness benefits, and how rigid (or … Read more

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