Having A “Heart of Service”: Empowering The Right Mindset

empowering the right mindset

It started when I realized the positive impact I could make in the lives of others, providing affordable housing for low income families, while leading my family’s real estate investment business. Then it culminated when I received and used an MBA in Marketing, and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I began teaching as a … Read more

Season 2, Episode 8 | Growing Your Side Hustle: How To Pursue Your Passion Outside Of The 9 To 5

side hustle kate dreyer

Episode 8 | Growing Your Side Hustle The side hustle. Maybe you have one, or maybe it’s something you’ve always dreamed about. Yet everyone has that hobby or passion that they would love to give more time to, or even grow into something bigger. Where so many of us often get stuck is the ‘how.’ … Read more

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